Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Tuesday 4 Meme ~ Bug Out!

I am happy to see that Annie from Cottage by the Sea is continuing on with the Tuesday 4 that Toni started.

Questions will be up for you here at 9PM on Sunday nights which will give enough time to answer and post on your own blog on Tuesdays.

High winds, tree splitting winds and buckets of rain since yesterday and more on the way. The wind has been howling here for 2 days straight. Ian is on the coastline and not playing nice. We can play nicely though with Toni Taddeo's Tuesday 4 questions. Are you ready? Since the east coast is experiencing hurricanes and tropical storms let us explore the topic. Okay? Let's Go...

1. Expert survivalists and weather experts say it is wise to have a bug out bag handy in case of evacuation, hurricane, earthquake or any emergency. You can see online how to create one. Do you have an emergency kit or bug out bag? We do not, but its on our list of thing to get.

2. Do you have plans with your family on where to meet and what to do in case of emergency? No, but its something we should be thinking about.

3. Do you keep your phone well charged and your gas tank topped off ? Is your flashlight kept fresh with batteries? Do you have a list of what to go where to go? Phone is always charged, as is the portable charger. Cars are topped off. Need more batterires for the flashights/lanterns. List is in progress

4. How about a little stash of emergency goods and foods to last a week or two? They say it pays to do this.. do you? This is well stocked! I started my prepper pantry when all of the hulla bulloo of 2020 started.


  1. Good for you preparing with food!! I need to get moving on mine stash. We are under flood watch here by the seashore and I should be better prepared. I was always on my late husband to buy a small boat just in case. Have a lovely day today.

  2. Living in Louisiana I should be prepared better but I am not. We seem to do it at the last minute. I am working on being better prepared.

  3. It's great that you've started your emergency food pantry and are thinking about other emergency preparations. It's good to be prepared.

  4. Great answers. More prepared than I am...yikes

  5. It's good to "be prepared" as a good "Girl Scout"...that was our motto. I am not as prepared as I probably should be, but we somehow always manage to get it together in time. It's good to think about and plan ahead so we won't get caught off guard. Thank you for participating!

  6. I think it is always good to be prepared. I remember being in a long line at the market right before the Covid shut down. We did stock up and glad we did. Glad that food could be delivered. But that would not work in a severe earthquake. Food trucks would have a hard time getting in and out. I have experienced many earthquakes, but none directly. Things falling off shelves and lights swaying is the most.


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