Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Tuesday 4 Meme ~ Houses

I am happy to see that Annie from Cottage by the Sea is continuing on with the Tuesday 4 that Toni started.

Questions will be up for you here at 9PM on Sunday nights which will give enough time to answer and post on your own blog on Tuesdays.

Welcome to Tuesday 4. I am sure Toni would be so pleased you are here.

This week's questions come from Pamela Steiner from Florida and the Closed doors, Open Windows blog Let's talk about Houses.

1. In what part of the country is your current home located? North, South, East, West, Mid West,coastal, rural, city, mountains or plains? I am in the Midwest ~ Michigan

2. Why did you choose your present home, and how long have you lived there? The area was perfect for us at the time, location for the schools, and family friendly - we have been here for 20+ years

3. What do you like the most about your present home? honestly, nothing... I am ready to sell and move... I have outgrew my love for my house

4. If money were no object, is there anything you would change about your present home, or would you keep it just the way it is?I would leave it as is for the next family.... I am ready to sell/move.


  1. I hope you can find a home that you love!
    Have a good Tuesday.


  2. I hope you get to move. I would love to do that too and just start over, but with my Mom right behind us and our daughter and her family beside us...I won't be going anywhere.

  3. I would like to move too. I don't think it will happen for us though. Loved your answers! Have a nice week!


  4. I hope you find the perfect place!! Thanks for joining in

  5. I hope you find your perfect home. enjoyed your answers hope you have a great week

  6. Your house has served it's purpose. May you find the perfect next place to be.


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