Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Tuesday 4 Meme ~ Autumn This & That

I am happy to see that Annie from Cottage by the Sea is continuing on with the Tuesday 4 that Toni started.

Questions will be up for you here at 9PM on Sunday nights which will give enough time to answer and post on your own blog on Tuesdays.

It's Autumn and temperatures in many places will be going down, days will be shorter and leaves will be tumbling down.

Let's discuss these things.

1. Do lower temperatures bother you or make you uncomfortable and are you more of a warm climate person? I love the cooler Fall temps... but the bitter cold winter temps, I do not like!

2. Do you like the colors associated with Autumn. Clothing wise do they look good on you? I love the fall colors outside.. now as for the yellow/browns/rust colors, they don't look good on me at all.

3. Would you rather:…
… get lost in a corn maze or go on a hayride? hayride
… visit an apple orchard or a pumpkin patch? both
… eat a caramel apple or a candy apple? caramel apple
…Cinnamon buns or Pumpkin muffins? pumpkin muffin

4. There are 7,500 varieties of apple. What is your favorite and do you like apple pie? red delicious is my fave, and I love apple pie!!


  1. I hope we can both keep warm this winter. In the meantime, let's enjoy the crisp air and beautiful colours of Fall.

  2. The weather is perfect here in Ohio right now. I like a good red delicious too.

  3. I am enjoying reading about everyone's favorite apple. What is it that you like about the red delicious?

  4. #1, that is me too! I do love to watch it snow though. I am like a little kid with snow. Loved your answers! Have a nice week.


  5. When I think of pumpkin muffins I think of tons of melted butter on them! Thanks for joining in

  6. We don't get snow here where I live. I have to go 1 1/2 hours to get to our local mountains. Fall comes around mid October and winter does not come until January, spring in April and Summer last way to long. Tomorrow is another hot day, near 100. I am about an hour from the beach, and 30 minutes from Disneyland. My friends from church and I really enjoyed Lake Tahoe. It is 10 hours away by car, but we flew. They get the 4 seasons there.

  7. I enjoyed your answers. I just noticed today that our leaves are starting to turn.

  8. Dear Jodi, My saving grace for a cold winter is to sit by the fire and read a good book. SO Im praying taht the gas bill went go through the roof!!! Otherwise, I'll be hunkering down in a bunch of throws and probably hibernating all winter!!! God bless you, Cya later!


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