Monday, September 19, 2022

Happy Homemaker Monday

Good morning! I had a great weekend, the hubs and I took off for the day on Saturday for a little road trip. He wanted to check out a sporting goods store, and I wanted to do some antiquing/thrifting - we did both! I found a few goodies, as did he, so it was a productive little trip.

Sunday was to be a restful day, with just puttering around the house, that turned into dog sitting (more so because of me). The kids were off to a Lions game and asked if I could pop in to let the pups out and visit for a bit. Well, that just wouldn't do as having to put them back in their crates until they got home broke my heart, so I brought them back home with us. This way they could run in the backyard, and not be crated up. They aren't spoiled one bit!

Now onto HHM

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For Today... September 19th, 2022

The weather... Its 67° right now, and the high for today is 79°.

As I look outside my window... Its still dark out, its quiet with the faint sound of the early morning commputers in the distant background

... Its early as I type this, I have been up for a while with a nasty headache, but its starting to go away, so I have been able to get on here and get some things done.

Thinking and Pondering... Right now, not much, just want this headache to go away

How am I feeling... A little better now that the headache is starting to fade away, its going to make for a very long Monday at work.

On the breakfast plate... probably a banana caramel Herabalife shake and a mug of tea

On the lunch plate... a chicken sandwich and some grapes - I think

On the dinner plate... sketti, its Monday after all

What I'm wearing... a black tshirt and black leggings

On my reading pile... nothing at the moment

On my tv... Big Brother and the Bacherlorette - and football - and I think the Fall shows are starting back this week! Yay, so I will have an updated list next week!!

On the menu this week
Monday ~ spaghetti, garlic bread and a salad
Tuesday ~ vegetable beef soup and homemade bread
Wednesday ~ ham and egg brunh braid
Thursday ~ pizza
Friday ~ nacho deluxe
Saturday ~ ???
Sunday ~ ???

Looking around the house... I have the after effects of the pups being here to tend to, dog toys everywhere, blankets askew

To Do List... dusting, vaccuuming, fold laundry, sweep/mop floors

From the camera... Fall decor ~ my favorite to decorate.

New recipe I tried last week, or one that we really enjoyed, or one I want to try... Still have yet to try the 2 ingredient bread, maybe this week, along with trying to do some french toast sticks in the air fryer

To relax this week, I will... cross stitch and possibly some crocheting.

On my prayer list... the country, it still bothers me that we are stil so divided

Devotional/Bible Verse/Quote...

In closing...Thank you for stopping by. I hope your week ahead is filled with lots of blessings!

Until next time remember to live a little, laugh alot and love always!


  1. Cute dogs. Love your Fall decor especially the knitted (or crochet) pumpkins. Have a great week

  2. Hi Sweetie! I hope your headache feels better. Love the furry babies. ;) And I adore those crochet pumpkins!! You're decorations are all lovely - you're such a talented Gal! I'd throw a some honey roasted peanuts in that bowl of candy corn. Lol It's a favorite snack of mine. 😋

  3. Cute dogs! I love how you have spaghetti every Monday :) Hope your headache went away. Have a wonderful rest of your week!

  4. Your decor is absolutely beautiful and the pups are just as cute as they can be!

  5. Adorable pup pictures! You are such a good dog grandma. I LOVE the fall decorations - so festive! I hope you're having a GREAT week.

  6. Hi Jodi! Thank you for visiting my blog, and I thought it was time I came over and got acquainted with you! I enjoyed your post and especially the pictures of all your beautiful fall decor! I love to decorate for fall too, it gives the house such a homey feeling! I hope you have a lovely fall season, and that you are feeling better by now. God bless you and have a wonderful rest of your week.


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